North American company, Sierra Instruments, is so confident in the quality of its line of Innova-Switch™ Flow Level Switches, that the firm is offering a 2 year warranty on the entire range. Similarly, the company is now providing a lifetime warranty on sensors and metres.
Scott Rouse, Product Manager for the Company, remarked, “We’re committed to the highest quality in all our products, and I think this action proves that we’re thinking ahead for our customers’ long-term benefit.”
2 years warranty on Innova-Switch™
The Innova-Switch™ has enjoyed longevity in the market place. It meets a broad range of performance and environmental application requirements. In particular, the sensor and other wetted materials are 316L stainless steel and features complete welded construction with no moving parts. The device also boasts easy installation and adjustment, while the company promises reliable, low maintenance performance.
Flow and level detection is achieved by using a high-resolution thermal differential technique. The sensor is made up of a pair of matched Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTD’s); one RTD is self-heated using a constant DC current, the other RTD is unheated and provides and accurate process temperature reference. The thermal differential created between the reference and the heated RTD pair is a function of the density and/or velocity of the gas/fluid in contact with the sensor.
Additionally, this particular switch features a wide operating temperature range of -100˚F to +850˚F (-70˚C to 458˚C) and a range of 0.01 to 5 feet per second (fps) in liquids and 0.1 to 500 fps gases. The level sensitivity is 0.03 inch, while the metre offers an adjustable response time of 0.5 to 10 seconds (media dependent). Users will also be pleased to hear that the Innova-Switch™ is also CE and CSA approved.
Lifetime warranty on sensors
The company is also going a step further by providing a lifetime warranty on its Dry-Sense™ sensors and all Sierra Immersible Mass Flow Meters. Rouse reiterated his prior comment and added, “We believe our patented Dry-Sense™ no-drift sensors are the best in the industry and we’re willing to stand by them for their lifetime.”
The lifetime warranty is applicable on all Dry-Sense™ sensors in the Sierra Model 640S, 670S and 780S (non UHP) Immersible Thermal Mass Flow Metres sold after 1st January 2010.
Traditional sensors use organic materials such as glue and epoxies to fix the sensor core in place. These ‘wet’ sensors have organics that tend to crack and change composition over time, with a consequent loss of accuracy and need for re-calibration. In contrast, Sierra uses proprietary manufacturing process and patented design that uses no organics, and thus is ‘dry'. Consequently, the company’s sensors benefit from maintaining their original calibration as they don’t drift over time.