UK-based Signal Group has added new additions to its advanced Series IV gas analysers.

The QUASAR instruments feature chemiluminescence detection for the continuous measurement of nitrogen oxide (NOx), nitric oxide, nitrogen dioxide or ammonia in applications such as engine emissions, combustion studies, process monitoring, CEMS and gas productions.

Heated vacuum chemiluminescence is the reference method for monitoring NOx and offers higher sensitivity with minimal quenching effects.

A heated reaction chamber facilitates the processing of hot, wet and sample gases without condensation.

Signal’s vacuum technology improves the signal to noise ratio and a fast response time makes the technology suitable for real-time reporting applications.


Source: Signal Group

“The sensing technology in these analysers is the result of several decades of development, delivering accurate, reliable analysers that are simple to operate,” said James Clements, Managing Director of Signal.

“As part of the Series IV platform, they also offer market leading capability in communications and data management.”

A non-vacuum version is available for trace NOx measurements such as RDE (Real-world Driving Emissions) on-board vehicle testing, for which a 24VDC version available.

Series IV instruments are compatible with 3G, 4G, GPRS, Bluetooth, Wifi and satellite communications; each instrument has its own IP address and runs on Windows software.