Mack Valves was founded in Melbourne (Australia) in 1939 and has a proud heritage of manufacturing valves in Australia for over 75 years.  Initially focused on the Australian mining and off-shore oil & gas sectors, Mack launched a range of cryogenic valve products in the 1970s and has a wide customer base in the Asia Pacific region.

Presently, the product portfolio of Mack Valves consists of large engineered valves used for industrial gas flow control and standard cryogenic valve products for cryogenic and LNG tanks and tankers. Mack Valves also manufacturers large upstream flow control valve products for the water distribution industry.

Mack’s standard product range for the cryogenic industrial gases industry include globe and ball valves, pressure relief valves, safety valves, check valves, strainers, flow diverters, pressure build and reducing valves, as well as other bespoke engineered products for cryogenic and LNG vessels and pipelines.

Recently, Mack Valves inaugurated a new, large, state-of-the art cryogenic valve manufacturing facility in India which will augment the capacity which already exists in Australia and will manufacture to both CE and ASME codes.