Transafe Logistics LLC, is a specialist transporter of cryogenic /industrial gases. Headquartered in Dubai, the company transports bulk gases throughout the GCC and Iraq from its operating centres in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Kuwait and Iraq.

The Company has been operating over the past 5 years and was formed to provide a safe and reliable transportation service to the industrial gas sector.

The primary focus of Transafe Logistics LLC is centred around a “safety first” culture. The Company was the first logistics organisation in the Middle East to be certified under ISO 39001, a quality standard aimed specifically at the transport industry and in particular the transportation of cryogenic liquids. ISO 39001 is also integrated with Transafe’s ISO 9001 certification across all of its business units, ensuring a quality controlled environment focused around continual improvement.

Transafe’s commitment to safety and quality is further enhanced by its fleet management system (FMS) which is used to coach and improve driver behaviour, as well as monitoring driving, working and rest hours. The system will also be used to communicate current locations of assets through GPS tracking and geo fencing. Transafe is also committed to providing extensive driver training through its own externally accredited driver training academies.

Bulk and cylinder delivery driver training also plays a prominent role within the Transafe driver training ethos. Currently all of Transafe’s drivers are trained to international standards through Transafe’s own certified in house trainer. Each driver is trained to understand the risks associated with the products being transported, safe handling and the following of correct procedures for loading and unloading the product.