The Hydrogen Education Foundation (HEF) has announced SimpleFuel as the finalist for the $1 million H2 Refuel H-Prize competition after careful review of six submissions.

The six submissions were received in October 2015, and a panel of judges and safety experts conducted a thorough review to determine if the designs have the potential to meet the basic criteria for a safe home or community refueling system. Based on this evaluation, only one submission, SimpleFuels’s, was determined to meet the criteria for advancing to the finalist stage.

The contestant describes their SimpleFuel™ Home Vehicle Refueling Appliance as a fully integrated hydrogen generation, compression, storage, and dispensing system capable of delivering up to 5 kg/day of hydrogen to vehicles at pressures up to 700 bar. SimpleFuel states that their system could also provide fleet automobile and material handling markets with dependable, on-site hydrogen solutions that have the potential to reduce GHG emissions significantly.

The SimpleFuel team will have until this summer to construct their prototype, and then testing and analysis will follow to determine if the system meets the six different technical and cost criteria, found in the rules and guidelines. After rigorous evaluation of the data is complete, it will be determined whether or not SimpleFuel’s system meets the competition criteria and minimum requirements and wins the $1 million prize. The outcome of the competition is expected to be announced in December 2016.