A consortium team of technology innovators comprised of PDC Machines, Ivys Energy Solutions and McPhy North America who make up SimplefuelTM, have been awarded by the US Department of Energy’s (DOE) Fuel Cell Technologies Office and the Hydrogen Education Foundation as the winner of the $1m H2 Refuel H-Prize contest.

Launched in October 2014, the competition was devised to challenge American innovators to develop small-scale hydrogen (H2) generation and refuelling systems to promote the introduction of zero emission Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEV).

Jeff Serfass, President of the Hydrogen Education Foundation, stated, “In 2007 Congress established this competition, with bipartisan support, to inspire creative approaches and advances for H2 energy technologies.”

“The development of the H2 infrastructure became the target of this competition, and I am pleased that DOE and HEF together have delivered on the objective for the H-Prize with SimpleFuel’s grand achievement,” Serfass concluded.

SimpleFuel’s winning appliance is a fully integrated, on-site H2 refuelling system capable of delivering up to 5 or 10 kg/day of H2 to fuel cell vehicles at pressures up to 700 bar using only water and electricity.

Explaining the SimpleFue approach, Darryl Pollica, Ivys President and CEO and SimpleFuel product owner, said, “We have a vision of a refuelling appliance that is clean, self-contained, and approachable for the user. In addition to this, we knew that to make a real difference in H2 infrastructure rollout, the SimpleFuel appliance needed to be easy to permit, install, and operate. These were the tenets of our product design.”

Kareem Afzal, partner and Vice President of PDC Machines, commented, “The SimpleFuel product is aimed at addressing specific needs of the H2 infrastructure in the automotive and industrial mobility applications.”

“This technology can be used in homes, community centres, small businesses, or similar locations for refuelling H2 fuel cell electric vehicles and material handling vehicles,” Afzal continued.

Beyond the activities of the H-Prize, the team members are working together to commercialise the product to address fleet opportunities in the material handling and automotive industries.

 part of the launch the
 team is planning to deploy SimpleFuel at a number of customer sites in the coming months.