Further to the news that Singapore would be hosting its annual SEMI Singapore, the Singapore government has released a blueprint for improving the use of sustainable resources, such as solar energy.

The Singapore government’s IMCSD (Inter-Ministerial Committee for Sustainable Development) recently released its Sustainable Development Blueprint, outlining key initiatives for sustainable development through to 2030.

One of the new initiatives for building eco-friendly public housing requires that solar technology will be used in roof-top solar panels in 30 public housing precincts nationwide, a decision valued at approximately $21m.

Installing the panels and equipment for the predicted 3.1 MW of solar power is scheduled over a five-year period, according to the plan, as reported by Semiconductor International.

Some sources believe that Singapore is only just getting started in the photovoltaics (PV) industry, with key PV players having already spent billions of dollars setting-up manufacturing operations in preparation for major development.

Gaining practical expertise and supporting the first projects is crucial to supporting the country’s ambition to lead in PV R&D, while the country’s location on the ‘sunbelt’ ensures it gets 50% more radiation than temperate regions such as Germany and Japan - current hubs for solar technology.