Pennsylvania, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Montana, Oklahoma and Wyoming have announced plans to establish a regional CO2 transport infrastructure plan by collaborating and leveraging resources.

The states signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) last week to solidify their commitments, which they hope will reduce emissions, create jobs and utilise the US’ natural resources.

Governor Tom Wolf of Pennsylvania, said, “My administration is committed to ensuring that we comprehensively address climate change, and that includes taking steps that will protect our environment while investing in our clean energy industries, which provide many Pennsylvanians with quality family-sustaining jobs.”

“This infrastructure plan will continue to invest in those jobs and even create new jobs in emerging energy industries while reducing harmful CO2 emissions.” 

Department of Community and Economic Development Secretary Dennis Davin, added, “Carbon capture technologies provide a critical component to addressing our climate challenge by providing the means to capture, utilise and store carbon associated with power generation, industrial manufacturing and other carbon intensive operations.”

“We must seize the environmental and economic opportunities to work with surrounding states to support carbon transport infrastructure and with emerging industries focusing on carbon utilisation.”

The signatory states will now establish a coordination group that will undertake the development of an action plan, which will include state and regional policy recommendations related to CO2 transport infrastructure deployment.

According to a statement, the release of the action plant is set for October 2021.