SKF has secured a contract with Cryostar, a French manufacturer of turbo-expanders, to supply SKF S2M magnetic bearings and the latest generation E300V2 control cabinet.

SKF’s solutions will be used in MTC200 oil-free turboexpanders that Cryostar will deliver to Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum Yanan Energy and Chemical Co., Ltd.

The turboexpanders will be installed at an ethylene and propylene plant, located in Shaanxi province, China.

The magnetic bearings will be integrated in MTC200 frame turbo-expanders that operate at a design rotation speed of close to 40,000 rpm.

MTC200 are magnetic bearing turbines braked by a compressor wheel, with an expander wheel of nominal diameter of 200 mm. SKF magnetic bearings are non-contact, friction-free that allow reaching high tip wheel speed for optimal efficiency and performance of a turboexpander.

SKF’s E300V2 control cabinet offers several new features:

  • Remote monitoring
  • On-line data measurement
  • Easy post-processing functionalities

The magnetic bearing control system has inherent health monitoring and diagnostics possibilities that measure the machine’s critical parameters, such as rotation speed, vibrations and temperatures.

Additionally, SKF S2M magnetic bearings are 100% leak-safe preventing oil-ingestion into the process gas. The oil free technology improves the safety of installations in term of risk of process equipment’s contamination by oil. The elimination of lubricating oil is the decisive advantage for low temperature process (-130°C/-150°C).

Sylvain Bayard, Director of Sales, SKF Magnetic Mechatronics (S2M) commented, “This contract shows we have earned the confidence of turbomachinery manufacturers and end-users alike in highly-competitive markets such as China. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with Cryostar, together we have successfully completed over hundred projects all over the world.”

The new olefins production unit will have a capacity of approximately 200 thousand tonnes of ethylene and propylene. In this innovative process olefins are produced without traditional steam cracking technology

Cryostar’s China Bussiness Manager, Eric Choi, said, “Cryostar is very proud to have been selected for the supply of the turbo-expander/compressor package for the first project of this type. It shows the confidence that the different parties involved in this plant have in the association of Cryostar and SKF.”

SKF S2M Magnetic Bearing

SKF S2M Magnetic Bearing