IoT telematics solutions company SkyBitz has launched a new user interface for its SmartTank innovation.

A real-time wireless tank monitoring system for private fleet operators, SmartTank allows wholesalers and distributor companies to manage inventories and maximise efficiencies has entered the market.

Launching the user interface on Tuesday (14th Dec), SkyBitz said the technology can help customers focus on actionable data to improve delivery efficiencies and customer service, resulting in higher profitability.

As a whole, SkyBitz SmartTank utilises robust, highly accurate wireless tank sensors with ubiquitous 4G LTE cellular or satellite coverage for tanks in the field, bulk storage tanks, and tanks below ground.

The sensors deliver real-time visibility of tank fill levels, inventory usage data, product temperatures and other insights to the SkyBitz SmartTank portal.

Anton Albrand, Vice-President of Sales at SkyBitz, said, “The launch of the new SmartTank portal comes at a perfect time.”

“Distributors can be part of the solution by using valuable insights and digital workflows to proactively manage their workforce and inventories, thereby maximising delivery efficiencies.”

The SmartTank user interface comes on the heels of SkyBitz launching a new SmartTank Dispatch platform.