Connecticut-based clean energy products manufacturer Skyre has developed a new solid state oxygen concentration module (OCM) for NASA.

The oxygen concentration system allows the production, storage and administration of concentrated oxygen to a crew member while maintaining overall cabin oxygen concentration levels. 

NASA set objects for the new solution to minimise mass, volume and power, while performing at high reliability, over a range of inlet pressure and oxygen concentration - all while delivering a range of outlet flow and concertation to the crew member or application. 

“Skyre’s OCM has practical applications for medical professions and their patients and/or patient communities and we’ve already had initial conversations with the healthcare industry about it,” said Dr. Trent Molter, CEO of Skyre.

“Our system concentrates oxygen from ambient air (versus from an oxygen supply) for emergency life support for medical traumas and other respiratory-related applications.”

“Our leading electro-chemical technology was originally developed for NASA as the critical, central element of advanced life support systems relied upon to keep people alive – where failure is simply not an option.”

Until the development of Skyre’s OCM, no engineered systems existed that have met power, size and flow rate objective for use in manned space flight.