Distributed Energy Systems Corp. has announced the successful installation and commissioning of its first hydrogen vehicle fuelling system in the New York City metropolitan area, a small but potentially significant breakthrough towards a future hydrogen economy.

The development of this advanced hydrogen system was conducted jointly with Air Products and Shell Hydrogen LLC, and is an important part of the programme being supported by the City of White Plains to further demonstrate the utility of hydrogen infrastructure for fuel cell vehicles.

Aside from the issue of safe hydrogen storage, producing a successful and economic hydrogen refuelling infrastructure is one of the biggest practical hurdles or challenges faced before the adoption of any future hydrogen economy. Such an announcement could therefore be seen as a key breakthrough in the development of a hydrogen network.

Robert Friedland, Distributed Energy Systems’ senior vice president of hydrogen generation, commented on the progress, “Strong collaboration and being a good partner is important when undertaking projects involving the deployment of advanced, environmentally friendly technologies that touch the public. The station clearly shows the commercial capabilities of our technology and the viability of it becoming a successful response to the growing demand for hydrogen fuelling infrastructures across many different types of hydrogen fuelling markets.”