Shanghai-based business, Thingple Inc., has introduced a new cylinder management system which incorporates several modern ‘smart’ technology features for easier asset tracking.

Thingple’s Smart Cylinder Total Solution has incorporated ‘smart’ readers with on-reader event processing capabilities, meaning every step of the cylinder’s cycle, from checking in to filling and checking out, is automatically tracked.

The ultra-high frequency (UHF) radio frequency identification (RFID) framework has been designed to eliminate manual data error by using programmed transferral methods to send tracking information straight to the ‘cloud.’

The recent application has been installed in various facilities of Thingple’s parent company, Baosteel Gas, and has since demonstrated reduced data capturing time and error-free statistics.

A press release from the company explained that the enhanced digital solution, “Significantly enhances operation efficiency at gas companies by reducing human involvement and human error in gas filling, maintenance and delivery,” and offers operators a “very cost effective” tracking solution.