Based in Philadelphia, (PA, USA), the Smart Hose Technology was formed in 1994 as part of an industrial gas equipment company and focused on supporting the global compressed gas and cryogenics industry. With long standing contracts with Air Liquide, AGA, BOC, Praxair, Air Products and Linde Gas, Smart Hose Technologies has become a respected supplier throughout the industry as a provider of hoses, both high pressure and cryogenic.

Winners of the best new technology/product award in 2000 by the Benjamin Franklin Technology Board, the company aims to change the industrial hose industry by providing an engineered hose product through its patented safety technology.

Markets and product range
The Smart Hose product is a high-pressure hose for compressed or cryogenic gases that, in the event of failure, such as coupling separation, the hose will stop the flow of gas or liquid from both source and the receiver. The patented
mechanism shown in these two cutaways isolates both ends of the hose at the same time. So if the hose were to burst or break, the valves release and instantly seat, stopping fl ow in both directions.

It\\$quot;s a product, known as a passive device, which is defined as, \\$quot;˜the means to automatically shut off the flow of product without the need for human intervention\\$quot;.

&#34It is rare indeed that one product
addresses so many issues so effectively&#34

Smart Hose currently has the only product specific exemptions ever issued by the US Department of Transportation, SP-12325 and E-13484. These allow for relaxed attendance requirements during product transfer for railcars and cryogenic motor carriers only when using Smart Hose.

&#34With over 300,000 assemblies produced we have a long history of safety and customer service,&#34said Andy Abrams vice president of Smart Hose.

Customers and main business regions
The company\\$quot;s yoy (year-over-year) growth is an impressive 40%, a trend Smart Hose expects to continue. As the only hose company in the industry to supply tier one gas producers globally, they see themselves in a unique technological position.

With plans for US satellite offices in Europe and India to compliment headquarters in Philiadelphia, established branch locations in Shenzhen (China) and Aberdeen (UK), Smart Hose has a strong distribution base. The company also has a long established domestic network of distributors and is currently negotiating with companies in Asia as well as additional cooperative locations in Europe to support company contracts with companies such as Air Liquide.

Continuing their global drive a new office will be opening in Mumbai (India) in the coming months.

Future expectations
In August 2005, Smart Hose was recapitalized by Zena Associates, a private equity group who acquired all Smart Hose assets.

Recognising the market growth in these safety products, Charles McMurtrie, Smart-Hose president stated: &#34We have always been very impressed by our products and international distribution system, and we look forward to expanding our strong channel partnerships.&#34

History of technology

1958,Joe Abrams, founder begins work in cryogenics
1975 Joe Abrams founds Woodland Cryogenics
1994 Patents for Smart Hose (2) granted
1997 Woodland Cryogenics sold and Smart Hose is formed
1999,July 1st DOT rulemaking related to MC 330/331 Cargo Tankers mandating SmartHose Technology
1999, July 8 The Department of Transportation mandates via CFR 173.315 SmartHose technology in all liquefi ed compressed gas cargo off-loading applications.
1999 August 13 NFPA 59 LP Gas Code for utility facilities requires SmartHose technology at all bulk plants loading and offl oading LP
2000, January Exemption 12325 issued by DOT for 49 CFR 173-177 for railcar unloading when using SmartHose
2000 April HM-2115 Unloading of Hazmats from barges- new rulemaking addressing mitigation of hose failure for all barge activities
2000 April HM-2118 Hazardous Response and Mitigation for maritime facilities \\$quot;“ expect SmartHose to be either included or exemption for present mitigation requirements
2005 February Exemption 13484 issued for motor carriers.
2005 August Zena Associates recapitalizes Smart Hose
2005 Smart Hose ships its 300,000th hose.