Smart-Hose Technologies is pleased to announce that it is joining with Acme Cryogenics to market the Smart-Hose Safety System to the independent industrial gas & welding distribution Marketplace in the United States. Under the agreement Acme Cryogenics will also market the Smart-Hose Safety System to selected industrial gas producers.

The Smart-Hoseä technology is a proven hose technology designed to counteract the hazardous effect of hose rupture or failure during fluid or gaseous transfer operations.

Mike Brown, director of sales & marketing of Acme Cryogenics says, $quot;Acme Cryogenics is extremely excited about the opportunity that has been presented to partnership with Smart-Hose Technologies. When you have the opportunity to join the leading technology with a company committed to quality products, the combined benefit to our customers will be unsurpassed. We are very happy with this union and look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship.$quot;

Andy Abrams, vice president, Smart-Hose Technologies, said: $quot;We believe that our strategic relationship with the premier cryogenic equipment manufacturer in the United States will provide our mutual customers with immediate access, on a local basis, with the most advanced hose technology combined with the finest hose products. It is this combination in conjunction with the market's concern for safety to workers and property and the elimination of environmental damage that will enable Acme Cryogenics - Smart-Hosetm combination to advance safety on an even wider basis.$quot;