The U.S. Department of Transportation-Federal Railroad Administration has extended Exemption 12325-N until June 2006.

This exemption authorizes tank cars, containing hazardous materials, to remain standing with unloading connections attached, provided that a minimum level of monitoring, is maintained and that specially designed hoses, capable of preventing a catastrophic uncontrolled release of product, are utilised.

The use of a Smart-Hose Technologies hose assembly will exempt the user from 49 CFR 173-177-Railcar Unloading Attendance Requirements. This regulation normally provides that rail tank car unloading operations must be performed by a reliable person who has been properly instructed in unloading hazardous materials and attended by the unloader until unloading is completed and that a cargo tank motor vehicle be attended by a qualified person (usually the driver) at all times while it is to ensure the safe loading or unloading of hazardous materials being loaded or unloaded. The purpose of the attendance requirement in section 174.67 is to ensure the safe loading or unloading of hazardous materials and that, in the event of an emergency, such processes can be quickly halted.

Engineers have worked at creating higher standards of safety

The exemption provides that the attendance requirements in the above regulations would not be required if the rail car is using a Smart-Hose hose assembly that has the capability to stop the flow of product from both the source and the receiver without human intervention within 1 second of an unintentional release caused by complete hose rupture or separation.

\\$quot;For most of this century, engineers have worked at creating higher standards of safety. From the institution of check valves to bypass systems to excess flow valves, efforts have been advanced to enable highly dangerous piping systems to function in a safe manner. Now that similar safety features are available within hoses, we are pleased that they are being utilized to protect the consumer, the employee and the public at large and enable the user of rail cars to be more productive while providing this higher degree of safety,\\$quot; said Andy Abrams, Vice President and Managing Director, Smart-Hose Technologies. \\$quot;We are pleased to see that the Federal Railroad Administration has continued to see the merit of our technology and provided us with such a significant designation.\\$quot;