Philadelphia-based Smart-Hose Technologies has unveiled its “revolutionary” Break-Away hose assembly technology that has been designed to protect facilities from both dangerous hose failures and pull-away incidents.

Smart-Hose Technologies’ Break-Away offers full-flow break-away protection instead of a reduction in flow with is associated with conventional break-away technology.

It is devised with a valve integrated in each end fitting so it will instantaneously shut off the flow in both direction in the event of a coupling ejection, a hose rupture or a complete hose separation during hazardous chemical transfer operations.

It also features an engineered break-point that protects plant piping, bulkhead piping, tank truck piping and loading arms from releasing hazardous substances during pull-away incidents.

The Break-Away is designed to work in conjunction with the Smart-Hose Safety System and can be used in any hazardous transfer application that has a potential for a pull-away incident.

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