A solution to the problems of over reliance on excess flow valves has been identified by 2 US Government Agencies, referring to the technology and equipment on offer from Smart-Hose Technologies.

Smart-Hose Technologies develops new safety applications for fluid transfer systems and assembles a patented hose assembly for fluid transfer systems, with offices in the US, Columbia, Sweden, China and India.

A US Environmental Protection Agency report concluded that, $quot;..commercially available hoses with a self closing device at each end will shut off flow entering the hose from either direction, may be considered as an additional measure of protection. Such devices will protect against hose failure..$quot;

Meanwhile, the US Chemical Safety Board has issued a report that asserts, $quot;Companies should install emergency shutdown systems that can quickly stop the flow of chlorine if a hose ruptures during the unloading operation. The shutdown system must be capable of stopping a chlorine release from both the railcar and the equipment at the facility receiving the chlorine.$quot;

Tom Steinbach, director of business development for Smart-Hose, is naturally pleased by the encouragement and support for the company's technologies and the recognition of its safety responsibility by regulatory agencies.
Steinbach commented, $quot;We are pleased to have our technology referenced in these Safety Bulletins. Our customers are always trying to improve safety which is why they use Smart-Hose, we believe it is our responsibility to ensure that this additional commitment is recognised by the regulatory agencies and that our customers are rewarded for their safer facilities and environments.$quot;