A hearing on Praxair Distribution's appeal for a building permit in St. Louis was delayed last week because of a major snow in St Louis.

'Praxair's application for a building permit to repair its facility in St. Louis was denied by the City of St. Louis and the company appealed this decision before the Board of Building Appeals on 10 November', explained Nigel Muir, corporate communication\\$quot;s vice president.

He continued: 'The decision was delayed until Thursday the 15th because of a major snow that day.'

Praxair had a massive fire and explosion in June and is seeking to repair its facilities until it finds a new location. The company plans to complete repair work on the facility in six to eight weeks after receiving a permit.

According to Muir, the company is working closely with the local officials in order to build a new facility, which is expected to take at least 12-18 months.