The german solar innovator, Conergy has galavanised its footing in Northern Europe, providing solar solutions adapted to less sunny climes.

Conergy recently ratified its footing in Northern Europe by establishing its first representative office in the United Kingdom. Located in Milton Keynes, the new premises allow Britain to benefit from the tailor made energy solutions which are specifically adapted to suit the infamous British sunshine.

Head of the Conergy office in England, Robert Goss, described the benefits of this latest move. He said, “With its solar modules, inverters and mounting systems Conergy offers quality, UK customers can trust. Conergy‘s PowerPlus modules have a particularly high output – not only in sun, but also in low light. In the British weather, their attested, excellent low-light performance comes into play – and has the upper hand especially where other modules have a lower output capacity”.

The firm believes that customers can benefit from associated services as well as tailored technology. Goss added, “We offer our wholesale and installation partners a partner programme, tailored to their requirements and we will be supporting them onsite with our in-depth knowledge, coming from twelve years of experience in solar power.”

The growth of renewable energy firms, such as Conergy is indicative of a wider trend within the energy industry. As we broach spring, arguably these early buds of activity are indicative of more investment to come throughout the year ahead.

Conergy operates from headquarters in Hamburg and despite its forward thinking technology, benefits from over a decade of experience, having been founded in 1998.