Kender Energy Inc, active in the field of solar energy, has announced the completion of its merger process with a new company name of Kender Energy Inc. (KNDR).

Formerly known as 3P Networks, Inc, Kender Energy is a development phase company active in the field of solar energy. Its present prototypes of solar panel, involving helium gas in the production process, are being developed into a full-scale solar energy production system.

The particularity of the Kender solar panel system and technology is to allow, via a closed circuit of gas (usually helium), to create a heat exchange with the sun and the air from the environment.

The exchange generates the spinning of the helium gas in the closed circuit, propelling a turbine, which produces electricity in a 100% clean and renewable process.

The system’s main advantages are efficiency, cheap production, and of modular design. The company is based near Geneva, Switzerland.