Italian industrial gas company The SOL Group has revealed improved figures across the board in its first-half 2016 results, thanks to an upturn in fortunes for the economy and an increase in non-domestic sales.

In the first half of the year, the company saw a growth of 4.5% in sales compared to the same period in 2015, largely thanks to international sales soaring by 7.3%. Sales within Italy also contributed to this increase, growing by 1.6%.

As a result, SOL’s consolidated net profit saw a double-digit surge, rising by 17.7% from €16.5m ($18.4m) to €19.4m ($21.6m) compared to the previous fiscal period.

The corporation’s Technical Gases Division registered an increase in sales of 1.8% in respect to the first semester of 2015, as well as its Home Care Division, operated through VIVISOL, marking a growth of 7.2%.

Confirming the capacity

Marco Annoni, Vice-President of the organisation, reflected, “We consider in a positive way the results achieved in the first semester of 2016, which confirm the capacity of SOL Group to operate in an uncertain economic situation.”

In terms of future outlook, SOL’s Chairman Aldo Fumagalli Romario, added, “In the year 2016, our target is to pursue the trend of growth of sales and to maintain the profitability of the group at a good level, to continue the investment programme sustaining the development, the internalisation, the diversification and the innovation.”