The TF-3B MicroPower OMNIBUS® II Flasher / Lampchanger from Tideland Signal Corp, Houston, features a turret made of 30% glass-filled KetaSpire® KT-880 polyetheretherketone (PEEK) resin from Solvay Advanced Polymers.

Tideland Signal’s P.C. commented, “There are other high-heat materials on the market but very few also provide the flexible processing needed for molding of highly-detailed structures, KetaSpire PEEK delivered the unique combination that we required.”

The Solvay Advanced Polymer product was chosen for high-heat resistance and dimensional stability. The solid-state flasher and six-place lamp changer is a significant feature in the marine signal lanterns.

Tideland Signal’s lanterns are used worldwide to aid navigation in ports and harbours. The offering from Solvay Advanced Polymers, KetaSpire PEEK, resin replaces competing thermoplastics in the six-sided injection molded structure which also features gold-plated contacts.

Further specifications include; a 65mm diameter PEEK turret which accepts 100 watt halogen lamps that can withstand temperatures up to 600°F; a low coefficiency of thermal expansion (CLTE) which ensures dimensional stability and filling of complex thin wall structures; and chemical resistance to organics, acids and bases.