Solvay, Belgian chemical company, signs supply contract with Vietnam-based PetroVietnam Camau Fertiliser Company Ltd. (PVCFC), providing PVCFC with exclusive access to Solvay’s breakthrough, eco-friendly nitrogen (N2) stabiliser AgRho® N-Dual Protect for four years.

PVCFC selected AgRho N-Dual Protect after a series of successful field trials of Solvay’s proprietary and patented range of innovative and eco-friendly N2 stabilisers. PVCFC is the leading enterprise in Vietnam and the region in the sector of producing and trading fertiliser and chemicals serving the agriculture and oil and gas industry.

AgRho N-Dual Protect is the newest innovation in Solvay’s range of innovative and eco-friendly Nstabilisers. It is the first liquid formulation combining NBPT (N-(n-butyl) thiophosphoric triamide) urease inhibitor and DCD (dicyandiamide) nitrification inhibitor to enhance performance and sustainability over other Nstabilisers. AgRho N-Dual Protect increases crop yield up to 20% while demonstrating improved air and water quality and reduction in greenhouse gas emissions due to Nfertilisers.

The use of N2-containing fertiliser has increased dramatically in recent years to satisfy the world’s need for food. The amount of N2 supplied is critical to the overall quality and growth of the crops. However, from an economic and an environmental point of view, there is a clear need to improve N2 use efficiency.

Valdirene Licht, Vice-President and General Manager of Solvay Novecare Asia Pacific, commented, “The contract with PVCFC is an opportunity for Solvay to improve agricultural productivity and to positively impact the environment in Vietnam. Solvay innovative and eco-friendly technology is substantially better for the health and environment than comparable products. It is easy to use and delivers a high productivity.”

Bùi Minh Tiến, CEO of PVCFC, said, “The environmental profile of Solvay technology is aligned with PVCFC’s mission toward finding innovative nutrition solutions for crops that will contribute to steering the agriculture sector toward sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions. We believe this contract will improve crop yield and quality and will contribute to increasing the competitiveness of Vietnam agricultural products.”