South Africa is looking to the development of hydrogen power as a way to solve its increasing energy crisis.

The country has suffered a number of blackouts over recent times, causing disruption to mining and other operations, and with more expected in the future, the South African government is now considering implementing hydrogen power to fill the current gap between supply and demand.

Science and Technology Minister Mosibudi Mangena claimed, $quot;Problems of supply, storage and distribution need to be solved, and these issues require efforts in other research and development domains, such as the development of platinum catalysts.$quot;

As South Africa is one of the world's largest producers of platinum, the country could be using the precious metal more in its efforts to meet its energy needs and Mr Mangena believes the country can become a major force in the future of sustainable energy supply.

The South African Sunday Times reports that Mr Mangena believes the launch of the South African National Energy Research Institute (Saneri) can help the country move towards a hydrogen economy.