Cataler SA, one of the major manufacturers of automotive catalytic converters, has chosen Air Products as the argon supplier for the production of its automotive applications.

The US industrial gases giant has been carefully chosen by the South African firm to provide a supply of argon, reflecting the successful distribution of many of its products in the region already. Air Products' South African head office is located in Gauteng, while the company also has nine strategically located facilities across the country.

Tony Wheatley, Air Products' Packaged Gas Marketing & Strategy manager commented, $quot;The fact that Air Products has been selected as argon supplier to Cataler and several major manufacturers in the automotive industry is no coincidence. Air Products has, for the past 25 years and longer, been the largest volume supplier of pure argon in South Africa and has also consistently maintained the highest standard of purity.$quot;

In addition to providing a reliable supply of argon, Air Products will also lend its technical support and expertise to ensure Cataler's Durban-based operation achieves the best possible results. Devon Carr, engineering services manager at Cataler SA, explains the benefits of the company's selection as he says, $quot;I like knowing that in Air Products, we have a supplier that is comfortable in employing the latest technology and is willing to develop the optimum supply solution to our operation.$quot;

Cataler's South African operation was established in January 2001, although internationally the company has been a pioneer in the production of catalytic converters for automotive applications since 1975.