After announcing its entry into the Brazilian industrial gas market in June 2011, INOXCVA has revealed that the first phase of the project is complete. In an exclusive interview the company also offered updates on further expansion plans.

Last June, at the Latin American Industrial Gas Conference, INOXCVA announced its plans to expand into the Latin American market. Indeed, true to its word, the company recently closed phase one of the project.

The facility dubbed, ‘INOXCVA South America’, located in Indaiatuba, Sao Paulo, Brazil will primarily focus on trailers and other mobile distribution equipment. The centre is designed to repair and refurbish different types of cryogenic storage and distribution equipment for air gases, LNG and CO2.

Over the last decade, INOXCVA has made major inroads in the global domain of cryogenic storage and distribution equipment.

Savir Julka, Head of Sales and Marketing, INOXCVA

According to Savir Julka, Head of Sales and Marketing, the INOX Brazil team, headed by Joe Farach, brings INOXCVA closer to its South American customers. Julka added, “Along with a service centre that is already in operation, its planned manufacturing facility is designed to reinforce INOXCVA’s leadership in the region and also provide locally produced products for the South American market.”

In a tandem expansion, the Indian owned global company has also invested closer to home. Indeed, INOX India Ltd. has also constructed a contemporary expansion facility in Kandla Special Economic Zone (SEZ), India. The additional plant has been commissioned to assist the mass manufacturing of portacryos and liquid cylinders.

In a company statement, Julka elaborated, “Serial production or portacryos and liquid cylinders will result in quick deliveries and high quality products from this new facility. INOXCVA has initiated line production and lean manufacturing principles at this facility since inception. With this expansion the company has also expanded its standard and non standard production line to meet increasing demand for its products from the entire global market.”

The Kandla facility augments INOXCVA’s existing enterprises in the region. To date, the firm has established three manufacturing units in the region spread over some 69,000m2 - located at Kalol near Vadodara, Silvassa & Kandla.

With a presence in a growing number of geographies, spectators might understandably predict global expansion on the horizon. Julka was quick to confirm, “Over the last decade, INOXCVA has made major inroads in the global domain of cryogenic storage and distribution equipment. With manufacturing facilities located in the US, Canada, India, Brazil and China, INOXCVA is efficiently expanding its manufacturing and service capabilities to reach out to customers across the world.”


The next frontier?

Despite operating in almost all continents for the supply of cryogenic storage and distribution equipment to the industrial gas industry, INOXCVA still has high aims. In fact, the company is currently investing efforts into equipment for space exploration.

Already, the firm has built a transportable liquid hydrogen storage tank for the Indian Space Research Oragnisation. It has also announced plans to build a nitrogen shielded tank for the long holding time of liquid hydrogen stored at temperatures of -253˚C.