Barely minutes ago, INOX CVA announced publicly that it will open a South American division imminently. The news was publicised at day two of gasworld’s Latin American Industrial Gas conference.

INOX delivered the news during its company sponsored delegate lunch held at the grounds of Rio de Janeiro’s Windsor Barra Hotel. Savir Julka, Vice President for the firm whetted the crowds apetite before handing over, “As you know INOX CVA has been very active in this region for five years now. Putting a smile on our customers’ faces has been at the forefront of our work, and we believe that it can only get better by coming closer to them in the best way that we can.”

The official announcement was made courtesy of Director and CEO, Parag Kulkarni, “We are happy to announced that INOX CVA now has a company in South America – INOX CVA South America. The new entity will be very region specific, led by native speakers – on this note I would request that my colleague Joe Farach, who will head the operation, take the floor.”

Joe Farach, leader of the new INOX CVA South America, elaborated on plans: “We’ve already established a business and as a result will be providing services in Brazil and the rest of South America shortly. The company has been formally formed, the location is set and the sales team is already in place. In addition, our engineering team is currently being trained - So it is a matter of months before we will be operational.”

Offering gasworld exclusive comments, Julka concluded, “We feel very excited and very pleased to be taking a leap closer to our customers. So far we have been providing them services from a distance and it only seems natural that we take this step closer to them.”

The news comes in addition to a flurry of recent investment in the region which all illustrates that interest is tangible and being transformed into cash.