In a reflexive agenda change to maximise booth time and accommodate late arrivals due to the Chilean ash cloud, delegates reconvened for the fifth and final session.

After enjoying their fill at INOX CVA’s generously sponsored lunch, delegates congregated in the Windsor Barra’s Louvre for the fifth and final time. Taking to their seats and still eager for expertise, audience members were treated to the latest information regarding high-pressure operations and safety. Chaired by yet another industrial gas figurehead, Carlos Tadeau Salla, Commercial Director for Nitrotec, the first presentation was introduced – High Pressure Aluminium Cylinders from Luxfer.

Delivered by Michael Clinch, Vice President for Innovation at the 1887 founded firm, the presentation summarised Luxfer’s interesting journey to date and in doing so, highlighted the most prescient characteristics of high-pressure aluminium cylinders.

Guiding listeners through the seminal points in this specialised cylinder’s journey, Clinch acknowledged the cornerstones of its evolution; from 1958’s cold impact extrusion to more recent advances precipitated within aeronautics. Keeping to theme, Clinch reiterated the importance of customer focus before closing his educative address, “The aluminium high pressure gas industry has moved a long way since 1958, but our further success and growth is about innovating with our customers and getting closer to what their end-users are demanding.”

Successive speaker, Jorge Souza, Regional Manager at Metso Brazil illustrated the applicability of the gasworld agenda, by providing a rare in situ perspective. His presentation, entitled, Valve Maintenance for Industrial Gas Applications, took a pro-active stance to equipment care as Souza explained preventative maintenance guidelines - A valuable offering given his observation that, “Valve maintenance saves hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.”

Continuing this cost efficient approach, perhaps the most economically savvy presentation began as Hector Villareal, President of Weldcoa took the floor. Villareal opened, “My hope, my wish at every one of these meetings is to come away with just one good idea – and today I will give you five.” With typical charisma, Villareal went on to offer several cost saving strategies garnered through years of experience.

Tip number one aimed at gas distributors, recommended fleet palletisation, Villareal advised, “It makes your environment safer and helps you to move cylinders through your facility seamlessly.”

“Another beautiful thing about palletising your fleet is it allows you to prepare your fleet before the trucks arrive – every hour of that truck driver’s time is more than any plant operative, so what do we want to do – turn that truck right around as fast as possible,” added Villareal.

The Weldcoa expert then went on to offer compelling arguments to the benefits of palletised cylinder filling, valve guards, quick connects, residual pressure valves as well as ‘bonus’ ideas such as automated filling and the very contemporary concept of automated filling for EPA protocol gases.

In fluid succession delegates’ attention was drawn from one forefront technology, automated filing for EPA protocol gases, to another sibling revolution, semi-automatic filling. Josh Freeman, Hale Hamilton’s Sales Manager remarked at the topicality of this subject. He commented, “In the industrial gas market we find there is an increasing trend toward automation of cylinder filling systems and what we will look at in the course of this presentation is to answer, why choose semi-automatic cylinder filling?”

Freeman commented on the benefits on offer with this latest technological turnaround. From simplicity of operation, reduced paperwork, to accuracy and automatic pressure protection, the process indeed seemed both cost and result efficient.

Farewell to Rio de Janeiro

And with this economically minded denouement, gasworld’s Marketing Manager, Katie Hill took to the stage for the final time to close the Latin American Industrial Gases Conference 2011.

Hill spoke on behalf of the gasworld organisers. She said, “That brings us to the end of our conference, I really hope you have enjoyed the past two days and benefited from the opportunity to meet new people and make new contacts. Hopefully you will agree that we have had some fantastic presentations and we are very grateful for that.”

“As always at gasworld, we say do what you do with safety in mind and so we encourage you to keep up to date with the latest safety practices through our magazine pages as well as via your regional industrial gas association.”

“I would also like to emphasise that we are open to new ideas and welcome feedback from you regarding how best to serve this region. On that note, our website has a Spanish version, however I would like to announce that we are currently putting a lot of effort into a brand new website. This new facility, scheduled for completion by November 2011, will offer a completely separate Spanish micro-site. We will keep you fully informed on the move, but it is certainly something to look forward to,” added Hill.

In an equally exclusive statement Hill also confirmed dates for the next gasworld conference. She explained, “We are very pleased to announce that our conference at the end of the year will be held in Dubai, at the highly popular Jumeirah Beach Hotel.”

Hill closed proceedings with the most crucial announcement of all, namely a thank you to participants: “So finally, on behalf of gasworld, I would like to say a tremendous thank you to the hotel, particularly our very generous sponsors and a tremendous thank you to you - the delegates.”

And so delegates, sponsors, speakers and hosts alike went their own ways, with plenty more friendships and contacts – some rekindled and others new, but not before attending the keenly anticipated cultural evening sponsored by Air Liquide. Aptly held in the older locale of Lapa, the epicentre of Rio de Janeiro, delegates took to buses before spending an evening with one final opportunity to discuss, debate, converse at the wonderful and world renowned Rio Scenarium.