In the journey towards delivering its Hydrogen Jobs Plan, South Australia’s Malinauskas Labor Government is calling for designs and delivery concepts for the construction of its new hydrogen facility in Whyalla.

Speaking today at the Australian Hydrogen Conference in Adelaide, the region’s Premier Peter Malinauskas stated that design and implementation of the facility will rely on a ‘collaborative, multi-disciplinary effort’ by project partners and stakeholders. 

To license and regulate the production of both green and blue hydrogen in South Australia the Premiere intends to deliver a new Act, similar to the existing Petroleum and Geothermal Energy Act 2000. 

The announcement marks the latest stage of the region’s drive towards renewable energy, an effort that has been underpinned by the scaling up of its renewable energy production. 

Since 2003, South Australia has increased its renewable energy production – comprised of mostly wind and solar – from ‘virtually zero’ to more than 62%. 

“This is an opportunity to design and execute a project that best leverages significant government investment for the benefit of South Australians over the short and long term,” said Tom Koutsantonis, Minister for Energy and Mining. 

“South Australia has a rich history of advancing new energy technologies that has resulted in over 62% of the state’s energy being generated from renewable resources.” 

Having attracted more than $7bn in investment since early 2022, the region’s renewable energy sector is set to benefit from a further $20bn of large-scale wind, solar, and storage projects in the development pipeline. 

Commencing today, the market sounding process for the Whyalla hydrogen facility designs and concepts will take place over a six-week period, closing on 15th July.