One can trace the roots of Dohmeyer all the way back to 1955, to an engineering company in Rijswijk, the Netherlands, owned and operated Mrs Christa Dohmeyer. From there, the company continued to flourish through the decades into one of the most experienced and respected cryogenic equipment constructors in Europe.

All of which essentially began from a gap in the market, as Dohmeyer sought to respond to what it found to be a relative lack of cryogenic understanding in wider industry at the time, with most cryogenic equipment then made by steel workshops and a broader understanding required on the flow of liquids like liquid nitrogen and liquid carbon dioxide (CO2) seemingly a challenge to be met.

“Cryogenic freezing was rather a kind of ‘art’ rather than a technology,” says Fabian Van Damme. “Dohmeyer was created to provide technological and engineering support to the industrial gas companies. Soon after, we started to build our own machines.”

Dohmeyer continued to build on its growing reputation of providing quality engineering services and total cryogenic solutions, so much so that today, the company is a leading global manufacturer of cryogenic refrigeration systems for the food processing, pharmaceutical, aeronautic, plastics and steel industries.

With locations in Belgium, Poland, and more recently the United Arab Emirates (UAE), it’s a reputation that boasts a blossoming footprint in key regions around the world, as Van Damme affirms, “The company is originally Belgian. The sales, marketing and after-sales is still managed from Belgium, while production and engineering is in Poland. We also have a sales and aftersales office in the UAE (Dubai) to provide service to the customers in the Middle East. Additionally, we have a network of agents over the world for technical support.”


Source: Dohmeyer

Focus on South East Asia

Described by Van Damme as the next logical step for Dohmeyer, is the South East Asia region. The company is demonstrably acting upon its ambitions in the region with its participation at gasworld’s South East Asia Industrial Gas Conference in Bangkok, Thailand this December – not only attending the event, but taking a double-booth at the accompanying exhibition programme and sponsoring day one’s lunch experience.

Titled Tiger Economies and Opportunities to Roar, the conference aims to explore the markets creating opportunities in the region, how and where value creation can be realised, and how the industrial gas community can successfully do business in the region’s emerging markets.

Dohmeyer is confident in the value it can deliver to those budding markets, as Van Damme explains, “Over the last five years, sales in Asia and the Pacific regions have significantly increased. The industrial production of food and the pharmaceutical industry is rapidly growing in that part of the world, and Dohmeyer has been able to be competitive with both its standard and customised solutions.”

“Dohmeyer has many customers in India, China and Australia. The next logical step is to provide this innovative cryogenic equipment to South East Asia too.”

“Our objective is to show our innovative machines and find partners who will use our machine to boost their sales of gas. We look for a partner that can also help us to take care of local after-sales…”

“Food exporting countries such as Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Malaysia are by far the most interesting countries for us,” he adds. “There is a reliable availability of liquid nitrogen – fundamental for our success – while there is also a high concentration of seafood and poultry companies in these countries. The use of cryogenic equipment is known in the region, but still very much developing into more economical and advanced machinery.”

With this in mind, what is the message that Dohmeyer aims to impart from the conference?

“Our objective is to show our innovative machines and find partners who will use our machine to boost their sales of gas. We look for a partner that can also help us to take care of local after-sales,” Van Damme responds. “Dohmeyer has a strong reputation to defend where service and responsiveness are concerned. Only when we have a local hub we will be able to provide the service level our customers demand from us.”

Van Damme believes local industrial gas companies need to be aware of the new machines and thus, new markets and strengths that are available to them – something that Dohmeyer is firmly on top of when it comes to freezing solutions. For more than a decade, the company has continued to develop innovative chilling and freezing solutions with its own team of dedicated engineers specialising in cabinet, in-line tunnel, immersion and spiral freezers. Each freezer system is custom-designed to its customer’s specific requirements using ISO quality standards and, when required, EHEDG hygiene design guidelines.

Dohmeyer also offers installation assistance and a comprehensive after-sales service programme for spare parts, preventative and corrective maintenance repairs, along with a 24/7 emergency hotline to minimise any equipment down-time for its customers.

All of which the company is eager to bring to the South East Asian market, where it believes the developing industry in the region will not just want these services and solutions, but will soon need them. Van Damme says, “The more demanding food safety standards will make fast and precise cooling and freezing mandatory. Dohmeyer’s cryogenic machines are used worldwide to guarantee fast cooling, and this results in the finest food products and the best pharmaceutical products.”

“Other cryogenic applications such as the recycling of plastics, metal quenching or blood products will become also more and more interesting in South East Asia.”

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