A biogas liquefaction project has been initiated in the Philippines (Batangas Province) where sugar cane in distillery will produce effluents that will generate raw biogas.

Aboitiz Equity Ventures, a publicly listed conglomerate with interests in energy, and its technical partner, Gazasia, Ltd. UK, have created a Joint Venture, Aseagas Corporation, to invest in an initial plant, a 9,000tpa (tonne-per-annum) biogas liquefaction plant. Biomethane will be used as fuel for buses and trucks. Aseagas aims to establish a portfolio of plants in the Philippines and South East Asia.

The liquefaction system has been ordered from Cryostar. This Cryostar designed system is skid mounted for quick installation and easy operation. It contains proprietary Cryostar turbomachinery. Cryostar offers small‐scale natural gas and biogas liquefiers from 7,000tpa to 72,000tpa.

Cryostar also offers natural gas and biogas distribution equipment, including truck loading stations and fuelling stations.