Air Products Taiwan’s legislature recently completed the installation and operation of the whole system of pure oxygen combustion, making it the first user of water glass manufacturer in Asia that utilises this advanced combustion technology.

As the world’s leading pure oxygen combustion technology and glass industry as a whole combustion solutions provider, Air Products’ system will help improve the production process and enhance product quality, reduce emissions and increase production.

The pure oxygen combustion system Air Products offered includes the Cleanfire® HRi™ series oxygen burners, oxygen flow control devices and the recently launched 2500NM3/hr PRISM® vacuum swing adsorption (VSA) system. PRISM vacuum swing adsorption (VSA) system uses advanced technology for on-site oxygen, to maximise the efficiency of production, significantly reducing energy consumption, they are economical and reliable. In addition, Air Products also offers furnace commissioning services and related on-site consulting services.

“For over 50 years, Air Products has been providing all types of glass manufacturers Oxyfuel solutions to help them meet emissions targets while reducing fuel consumption, increase production and improve product quality. Legislation Anton is Asia’s first user of water glass manufacturers overall oxygen combustion system, to be their partner, and we are deeply honored to not only strengthen Air Products’ leading position in the field of pure oxygen combustion technology, but also various types of glass industry customers to our rich recognition of industry experience and expertise,” Vice President and Chief Commercial Gas Company Air Products Asia General Manager Su Junxiong said.

Su Junxiong continued, “Water glass in industrial applications is very broad, such as building materials, textiles and water treatment; while its demand is also growing in Asia and therefore, in all kinds of glass customers, we will - and water glass manufacturers - work together, to help them improve their competitiveness and achieve sustainable development.”