On Site Gas Systems was a silver sponsor of the 2011 Surat Basin Energy and Mining show that was held in Queensland, Australia in late June, demonstrating its gas provisions for the mining industry.

The company conducted one seminar at the show each day, at 11am, to discuss inertisation requirements and see why On Site Gas Systems is currently the number one choice in the US coal market – and why the Australian market is quickly following.

Over the last twenty years, On Site Gas Systems has developed into a world leader in the design, manufacturing and provision of non-cryogenic nitrogen and oxygen generators to government, manufacturing and mining sectors throughout the world.

In recent years, a company press release explains, On Site Gas Systems has emerged as the leader in providing portable high volume nitrogen generation systems to the US coal, oil and gas sector, which are primarily used for coal mine inertisation, pipeline inerting and pigging and tank inertisation to name a few applications.

This division of On Site Gas Systems specialises in the sale and short or long-term rental of these portable high volume nitrogen generation systems and according to the company, is ‘pleased to now serve the Australian market providing a long overdue alternative’.