Australian green gas company, Southern Green Gas (SGG), has announced it is seeking four Founding Buyers to assist with the funding and develop of its green liquefied natural gas business.

Able to make use of its natural advantages, such as abundant sunshine, low cost and flat non-arable land, the company intend to become the first to market with a scalable green LNG solution for production in Australia and for export globally.

With its ideal position to take advantage of growing international interest and expansion of the LNG sector, SGG is able to leverage its international-scale gas pipeline and existing LNG infrastructure to successfully meet all project milestones to date, including a demonstration project that is currently underway.

Speaking about the project, Rohan Gillespie, Southern Green Gas Managing Director, said, “The fastest and lowest cost way to materially decarbonise the global energy sector is green LNG powered by Australia’s sunshine. We are seeking partners who share our vision.”

The company’s first commercial project is to be located in western New South Wales near to APA’s Moomba to Sydney pipeline. With a planned output of 30,000 tonnes per year and module expansion on the site to 1mtpa, SGG is aiming for project commitments totalling 10mtpa by 2030.

Mike Oppenheimer, Southern Green Gas Director of Strategy and Corporate Development, said, “To make an impact, new energy sources need to be scalable and robust against a wide range of market and regulatory scenarios.”

“Southern Green Gas’s solution does this by leveraging Australia’s vast areas of sun-drenched non-arable land, delivering the renewable energy through existing gas infrastructures.”

Southern Green Gas is also offering Founding Buyers the right to offtake a portion of the output from Southern Green Gas’ projects.