One new product to look out for in 2022 is a spark-free, antibacterial multipurpose cylinder wrench which is now available for use in the following industries: industrial gases, welding, home healthcare, biotech, and pharmaceutical.

Source: Technology Services, Inc.

Naval brass wrench

The wrench is the idea of Sudhir Brahmbhatt, an industry veteran who has worked for Air Products, Messer and Air Liquide during his career and has more than 30 patents in the gas industry field. After retiring, Brahmbhatt started his own consulting company, Technology Services Inc (TSI), and late last year he was awarded patent on a special antibacterial spark-free, multipurpose tool (gas cylinder tool) that is now available in the market.

As an approved vendor for Airgas, TSI has developed this unique tool for all industries that use gas cylinders. It is called  the Spark-free Antibacterial multipurpose Cylinder wrench, and claims to make handling cylinders easier and with a much safer approach.

The primary goal of the product for pharmaceutical, FDA, and EPA is to enhance the safety of their handling cylinders.

“Frequently the cylinder valves operators use wrench and have experience explosion and major losses,” Brahmbhatt said.

“The antibacterial feature is critical for pharma companies as they want to avoid any bacteria carry over in testing. Per US EPA guideline when the product metal is more than 58% copper, the copper will kill the bacteria that sit on tool in 24 hours. This helps pharma companies to enhance sterilization environment.”

The wrench can be used for opening or closing the cylinder cap, tightening or releasing the regulator valve CGA fittings, opening and closing the cylinder valve wheel, opening or closing the welding gases cylinders.

Brahmbhatt said, “This tool will operate on most of the high-pressure gas cylinders valve wheel such as Sherwood, Superior wheels, and Rego wheels. Most of the liquid nitrogen, liquid oxygen, liquid argon, liquid helium cylinders or dewars. This tool is designed specifically for use with cylinders; caps, CGA nuts and valves. This multipurpose wrench can make every change-out of cylinder gases safer, efficient and reliable.”