Whilst the gasworld flag has been metaphorically flown in most of the regions of opportunity for our business around the world, South East Asia has remained untouched, until now.

It’s now just weeks until gasworld takes its invaluable conference programme to the vibrant city of Singapore, bringing the South East Asian industrial gas business together in a way which has never been done before.

Around 200 industrial gas professionals are expected to join the gathering in June to address issues surrounding the drive for energy efficiency and application growth in South East Asia, as well as to find out about the very latest products and services on the market, and of course to meet with the region’s senior management and decision makers, representing the ASEAN industrial gas business.


Source: gasworld

The two-day conference plays host to some fantastic speakers, with presentations from both those working at the helm of our industry, and those outside of it, looking in. The event opens with a presentation from international publication The Economist’s Senior Analyst for Asia, Sumana Rajarethnam. This opening speech will lay the foundations for the conference, providing delegates with both regional and global economic forecasts, setting the backdrop to any decisions they might be making over the next few years related to investment and growth strategies.

Following this economic outlook, industrial gas consultant John Raquet, of Spiritus Consulting, will provide delegates with industry specific forecasts, looking at expected growth in the region for our business, as well as opportunities and emerging applications.

The highlight of the morning session will undoubtedly be the screening of gasworld’s exclusive interview with The Linde Group’s Executive Board member Sanjiv Lamba. Lamba is responsible for the gases business of the group across Asia Pacific, as well as holding responsibility for the Asian joint ventures, and for the global Electronics business segment of The Linde Group. He is also Chairman of the Asia Industrial Gas Association (AIGA).

Lamba will answer a range of questions covering the South East Asia gases business, cost and revenue drivers, and safety. Questions put to Lamba include:

  • Which economies in Asia will be the ones to watch as ‘breakthrough economies’ over the next five-year period?
  • How are gas companies balancing downward pressure on pricing compared with the upward pressure on costs (e.g. power and distribution)?
  • What strategies do industrial gas companies have in place to combat rising energy and feedstock costs?
  • How do you see the Electronics market performing over the next 5-10 years?

The hour long interview will provide delegates with the unique opportunity to hear from one of the most senior industrial gas professionals in Asia.

Opportunities in LNG

A topic on many an industrial gas professional’s lips in 2012 is liquefied natural gas, or LNG.

The similarities between the movement and storage of cryogenic gases and LNG are such that in recent years our industry has taken advantage of the vast opportunities that have opened up. With Australia’s ever expanding pipeline system and our industry’s major SMEs attributing large proportions of their profits to their LNG operations, it seemed appropriate to incorporate presentations on LNG into this conference agenda.

gasworld welcomes Argus Media’s Vice President of Asia, Jim Nicholson, who will give a presentation on the LNG market in South East Asia, providing forecasts and industry data. The conference will also see Cryogenic Industries’ Richard Young take to the stage to inform delegates about the ways in which ACD is adapting its products and services to be able to support the LNG industry. Young will highlight the opportunities our industry should be taking advantage of in order to secure a profitable future.

Esteemed speakers

The conference will feature a host of other notable characters from our industry, including Air Liquide Singapore’s (SOXAL) Managing Director Christophe Chalier, Cryolor Asia Pacific’s Managing Director Ravin Mirchandani, Weldcoa’s President Hector Villarreal, and esteemed cylinder experts Dr Rohintan (Roy) Irani and Petr Pelicka (Faber).

General Secretary of the Asia Industrial Gases Association (AIGA) Wing-Keong Low will also be taking to the stage to update the audience on the latest from the association, providing up-to-date safety information for our industry, and advising the delegates on the areas which need most attention.

“Whether it be increased knowledge about new innovations in selling and distributing industrial gas, a new relationship with a key supplier, or a greater understanding of what’s happening in other countries within the region; attending this conference will enable more informed decisions to be made in South East Asia”

For the industrial gas customers that attend there will also be presentations focused on managing their supply chain in the most sophisticated and cost effective way possible. Air Sep’s Phil Thomas will present on how to be self-sufficient in oxygen supply during difficult economic times. The 30-booth exhibition will also be useful for end-users of industrial gases; the region’s suppliers will be showcasing their products and services inside one room, offering visitors a one-stop-shop for all of their industrial gas requirements.


Source: gasworld

The conference will be brought to an end by two stalwarts of the industry, John Raquet (Spiritus) and Keith Stewart (Herose), who will take to the stage for ‘Consultancy Corner’, a section in which the audience can ask the pair any of the burning questions they may have related to the industrial gas industry in South East Asia.

The conference is not simply about the presentations; a host of evening events and promotional booth time in the agenda means fantastic networking opportunities, and the chance to forge new relationships in order to secure a prosperous future.


This event will be supported by a host of local and international companies, providing delegates with fantastic social events over the three days, enabling them to meet the region’s CEO’s and managing directors in a relaxed environment. Singapore company Sing Swee Bee Cryogenic Equipment (SSB) will host lunch on the first day, giving delegates the chance to refuel after a thought provoking morning session.

After a day of fantastic presentations, the night of the 27th promises to be a memorable one, with US company Weldcoa hosting a sophisticated Cocktail Party in the lobby, followed by a fabulous Gala Dinner hosted by Bhuruka Gases, India, supported by a first class entertainment programme courtesy of Cryolor Asia Pacific.

Day two’s lunch is hosted by Italian company SIAD. Following a successful conference, the evening of the 28th will see delegates taken off-site, to enjoy a fantastic cultural event at a local restaurant.

Regardless of their business or position, each delegate is guaranteed to take something valuable away from this event. Whether it be increased knowledge about new innovations in selling and distributing industrial gas, a new relationship with a key supplier, critical information obtained from leading CEOs, a greater understanding of what’s happening in other countries within the region, or improved knowledge of how the industry is evolving; attending this conference will enable more informed decisions to be made, based on a greater understanding of the rapidly growing industrial gas business in South East Asia.