As the fabrication industry embraces the developments in laser technology, Afrox is offering itself as both guide and advisor to those new to the intricacies of industrial gases.

The company says that the demand for process orientated and values added offers for laser systems has fuelled the need for a greater knowledge of specific fields of application.

Carté Lubbe, Afrox market development manager explains, $quot;Whatever the process (whether cutting or welding), the user must be confident that the correct gas products and gas supply systems are employed to ensure that the laser process is as reliable and productive as possible.$quot; He then emphasises the need for industry know-how saying, $quot;Specialist knowledge of the gases needed, the quantity, quality and composition thereof, coupled with the specific application, is thus required.$quot;

Afrox, sees itself as well placed to offer such advice, having spent more than a decade developing the expertise to assist customers with the specification and application of laser gases. They say this extended period of research now enables the company's specialists to advise on every aspect of laser usage and to also provide innovative ideas on process optimisation.

Their latest system, LaserPro, has been developed for laser cutting customers requiring high-pressure gas delivery. Impressively, the company believes their new brainchild will not only cut costs, but also optimise the performance of laser cutting processes when compared to conventional systems.