Specialty Gas Report explained

2014 promises to be another interesting year for specialty and medical gases, as technology, regulatory standards and markets continue to move inexorably forward. Specialty Gas Report aims to continue its tradition of offering focused and informative articles dedicated to these gases, with input from highly respected experts that you can trust.

Our powerful new website pulls in news from contributors globally, and offer an enhanced directory of companies and organizations within specialty and medical gases. a newsletter service will also be available, to keep you updated with the latest from your industry.

We are excited to share several powerful new tools through which Specialty Gas Report will help you reach your audience, be that through an advertisement or by spreading the news about your company’s achievements in our editorial coverage. Our annual Master Sourcing Guide remains another invaluable opportunity to promote your product or service in the gases arena.

Specialty Gas Report remains the only publication dedicated to specialty and medical gases. Featuring in Specialty Gas Report will spread your message to producers, distributors and end users across North america, and beyond. This guide aims to show you how Specialty Gas Report can support your business. We look forward to working with you.

Quarterly magazine

Specialty Gas Report magazine is published quarterly, and reaches all levels of personnel involved in specialty and medical gas production, applications, distribution, and marketing. The majority of our readers are based in North America.

The publications are circulated to key industry decision makers. We aim to ensure the magazine gets into the hands of those who make purchasing decisions, to maximize the value to your company when it appears in the publication.

Our editorial coverage targets readers with fact-filled articles that range from the basics of specialty gas production and handling, through to sophisticated application coverage. Specialty Gas Report also attends key conferences and events throughout the year, where we circulate additional copies of the magazine to targeted and relevant audiences.