The 13th National Specialty Gases Annual Meeting of China was successfully held in late September in Suzhou, with an attendance of around 180 delegates from research organisations, and gas & equipment companies from throughout China.

The annual meeting was hosted by the National Specialty Gases Information Centre and Guangming Research and Design Institute of Chemical Industry (GRDICI), and organised by the magazine ‘Low temperature and Special Gases’.

The Guangming R&D Institute of Chemical Industry, based in DaLian (LiaoNing), specialises in the field of high purity specialty gases, metal organic compounds, low temperature technology, water treatment technology, and super-critical fluid technology.

The specialty gases sector in China itself has been established for nearly 30 years and the industry’s development has been described as ‘astounding’. This year’s annual meeting couldn’t have come at a better time then, when a number of issues and challenges need addressing for the industry to continue to progress.

The 26 papers presented at the annual meeting were well diversified, including market trends, corporate development, specifics in manufacturing of specialty gases, safety and equipment development and applications.

In addition, the meeting served to highlight just those numerous technical and commercial matters which need tackling and suggesting solutions that enable the whole industry to move forward.

The meeting was concluded by the chief engineer of GRDICI, Mr Sun Funan, who also delivered a report entitled ‘China gases amidst crisis’ at the opening of the annual meeting.