At the recent two-day 21st National Specialty Gas Annual Meeting organised by Zhonghao Guangming Chemical Research Institute and the National Specialty Gas Information Centre, Mr. SUN Funan, Chief Engineer of the former, began by imparting to the almost 380 delegates from the domestic specialty gas industry that the industry experienced ‘phenomenal’ development in 2017.

This, he explained, was due to government policy to promote the integrated circuit (IC) industry and an influx of capital investment.

He also gave the recent situation of several electronic gases such as silane, nitrous oxide, ammonia, hydrogen chloride, dichlorosilane, trichlorosilane, and carbon monoxide, before LI Chunying from the National Institute of Metrology took the stage to explain in great length the ‘Establishment and Evaluation of National Metrological Standard Device for Gas Chromatographs’.

Several other companies also gave reports and demonstrated their latest in-house development and capabilities. Henan Xinlianxin Shenleng Energy Co. Ltd, for example, introduced its development of high purity carbon monoxide (CO) production, while Alex REN of AGC Instruments described some precautions when analysing specialty gases using the DID chromatography analyser of AGC. An introduction to the R&D and applications of the domestic plasma emission detector by FANG Hua of Huaai Chromatography Analysers concluded the morning session before delegates retired for lunch.

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QU Qing of Dalian Date Gases Co. Ltd kicked off the afternoon session and described research into the production of standard gases containing trace quantities of hydrogen fluoride. Afterwards, ZHANG Jirui of Beijing Huayu Tongfang explained the company’s technology of industrial tail gas recovery and separation. The last presentation on day one was given by ZHANG Jinke of the Zhejiang Chemical Research Institute, who introduced a study on the adsorption purification and application of electronic grade hexafluoroethane.

Day two was started by ZENG Xianchen of ABB China, who introduced to delegates the applications of gas analysis of FTIR. This was followed by the introduction of several companies such as Nanjing Engma Instrument Technology, Harbin Liming Gases Grou, Quzhou Hangyang Gases, and Beijing Yuji Technology Development. The conference was closed by SUN, who thanked presenters and delegates alike for all their support.

The conference was held from 16th to 17th November in Xi’an of Shaanxi province, well-known for the Terra-cotta soldiers and also the capital of 13 ancient dynasties, as well as the starting point of the Silk Road in the east.