Spectro Scientific expands on its MiniLab product line with the MiniLab 153 oil analysis system for quicker and comprehensive on-site lubricant analysis.

Distinguished from last year’s MiniLab 53, the MiniLab 153 features an elemental analyzer to detect contaminants, additives and wear metals using Spectroil Q100 RDE-OES (rotating disc electrode optical emission) spectrometers. This allows users to identify sources of corrosion in equipment, thus reducing downtime and preventing costly repair.

“The MiniLab 153 provides immediate answers about the health of high-value equipment with real-time analyses at the plant location,” said Spectro Scientific Vice President, Business Development Robert Wopperer.

“This information facilitates rapid maintenance actions that prevent unscheduled downtime, reduce maintenance costs and ensure machinery operates with optimum reliability.”

The Minilab 153 analyzes oil for contamination, chemistry, and machinery wear by integrating instrumentation for particle count, viscosity, infrared spectroscopy, ferrous wear, and wear particle characterization. Results are generated with Spectro’s OilView™ software.