Spectro Scientific, an analytical tool and software specialist for machine condition monitoring, has expanded its range of elemental spectrometers in order to improve the performance and value of its condition monitoring and control evaluations.

Ideally suited for use in laboratories, on-site inspection and maintenance environments, the expanded SpectrOil 100 Series eliminates the need for off-site laboratory analyses with no sample preparation or use of solvents or gases in the analysis process.

The spectrometer analyses fluid types in just 30 seconds – providing immediate, simultaneous and multi-element results.

Spectro scientific spectr oil 100

The series now consists of two basic models; the SpectrOil 110, providing a basic engine wear package, and the SpectrOil 120, which includes standard and extended range packages for wear metals, coolants, fuels and custom application packages.

The series utilises rotating disc electrode, optical emission spectroscopy (RDE-OES) technology, employing carbon electrodes and high voltage electricity to convert a fluid sample into a plasma that emits a unique spectrum of light.

Charge-coupled device (CCD) cameras then capture the light and the spectral analysis software detects concentration of dozens of elements in solution with sub-ppm precision, including particles as large as 10 micrometres.

Robert Wopperer, Vice-President of Business Development at the US-based corporation, explained, “The new SpectrOil 100 Series expands the Spectro Scientific product line and increases performance, enabling users to perform rapid and accurate fluid analyses in their own facilities, in the most time and cost-efficient way.”

“The SpectrOil Series products reduce the complexity of testing lubrication oils and performance fluids, helping our customers better protect their valuable mechanical assets.”


Spectro Scientific’s product offering includes spectrometers for wear metal analysis, contamination analysers, particle analysis instruments and turnkey solutions for oil or fuel analysis laboratories and serves the petrochemical, mining, marine industries as well as commercial testing laboratories.