Spectron GmbH has proudly announced the completion of its patented Spectron ‘Acetylene Safety Guard’ (ASG) device.

The ASG was born out of a shared focus on innovation, quality and safety in using acetylene between Spectron and its worldwide partners.

Despite acetylene being a renowned industrial fuel gas for over 100 years, fatal accidents associated with the use of acetylene still occur worldwide every year.

The physical chemical properties of acetylene make it an excellent fuel gas for applications such as autogenous welding, cutting, heating, brazing, flame straightening and cleaning. However, acetylene differs to other such fuel gases in that it can initiate a hazardous situation, even without the assistance of oxygen. An increase in temperature, an increase in pressure or contact with catalyzers can cause an exothermic decomposition reaction of acetylene into carbon (C2) and hydrogen gas (H2).

According to EN ISO 14114 and EN ISO 15615, acetylene systems must be equipped with a quick acting shut-off device on the high pressure side of the manifold system. Downstream of the manifold system pressure regulator there must be a safety device to prevent the line pressure exceeding 1.5 bar.

In conventional systems the high pressure shut-off function is provided by a manual quick acting shut-off valve or an automatic quick acting shut-off device. The low pressure side is protected by an over-pressure device (relief valve), which in turn must be piped away to atmosphere at high level.

The multiple functions of the new ASG eliminate the need for a quick acting shut-off device in the inlet as well as an over-pressure device in the outlet (relief valve). A vent line to safety is therefore not required so as to avoid the dangers associated with venting acetylene to atmosphere and the need for risk analysis.

“The primary focus during the design of this new product was on the permanent monitoring of inlet and outlet pressures and on in improving the reaction times of the safety device. We managed to develop a compact device that both monitors and secures both the inlet and outlet pressures separately! The result of our intense development is the new Acetylene Safety Guard (ASG),” explained Product Manager Andreas Alker.

In the event of the inlet or outlet pressure exceeding its respective set pressure, the ASG will automatically close and shut off the flow of acetylene into the distribution line. An indicator shows that the device has switched off the acetylene supply and once the cause of the closure is resolved, the ASG can be easily reset to the operation mode.

Andreas Alker with ASG

Source: Spectron GmbH

Andreas Alker with the new ASG device.


Potential to retrofit

Systems fitted with an ASG require less space. In the event of an incident, the fact that there is no vent to atmosphere provides additional safety and cost saving considerations. In short, the patented concept of the ASG improves safety and a safer environment saves money.

The new ASG can be retrofitted to the standard Spectron pressure control panels, such as the type ‘BT2000AC’, and given the minimum flow rate is 25m3/h the ASG can also be comfortably installed into the higher flow type ‘BU13AC’ systems without compromise.

Spectron GmbH General Manager Johan van der Klift, added, “By introducing the patented ASG, we feel that we have completed another milestone in Spectron’s quest to increase safety within acetylene applications, and with additional cost savings in terms of materials and gas there is a valuable contribution in not only safety, but also in the protection of our environment, which is also important.”

“This innovative product is a natural progression for our Spectrotec range, a range which I am pleased to say is recognised throughout the world and has been successful in the market of industrial gases for more than 30 years.”


Official launch

The new ASG will be introduced to the market in April 2015, and shown on the Spectron stand at the Achema Fair in Frankfurt, Germany from 15th – 19th June (2015).