Today, Linde Gas announced the launch of its new ARCLINE® Cleanflow gas purging system.

Benefits include reduced purge time of up to 45%, which aids welding productivity. Linde promises that the system offers near instantaneous removal of oxygen, allowing welding to commence almost immediately.

Lee Hermitage, Global Marketing Manager for Linde, commented, “Linde has always played a pioneering role in gas technology within the welding market.”

He continued, “The development of the ARCLINE® Cleanflow purging system is further verification of not only our continuing commitment to innovation, but to providing products and solutions which significantly improve our customers’ productivity and help their compliance to safety and quality requirements.”

The new system prevents oxidation and staining caused by metal vapour which often appears at the side of welds. This prevents further cost from post weld cleaning.

Similarly, the gas flow has a cooling effect which reduces waiting time, thus allowing further processing to begin quickly. The new technology is especially suited to industries which have little tolerance to oxidisation and staining. Such sectors include the pharmaceutical, nuclear, food and beverage industries.