Moscow’s production enterprise Spetszisterny CJSC - SIBUR Holding JSC subsidiary, whose core activity is rendering transportation services, has been renamed SIBUR-Trans CJSC.

The renaming of Spetszisterny CJSC was urged by the need to strengthen the identification link between the enterprise and SIBUR business, though the name change does not affect any liabilities of the company to third parties.

SIBUR-Trans CJSC is a service enterprise, with transportation of SIBUR raw materials and management of SIBUR businesses rail infrastructure as its core activity.

As of early 2009, the rolling-stock of the company consists of 2,749 tank trucks for liquefied gas, 752 tank trucks for petrochemicals, gas processing products and liquid chemicals, and 188 multi-purpose open box cars. In 2008 the company notes, it transported 7.6 million tonnes of raw materials and finished products.