As the Government of Sri Lanka, along with many other countries, continue to fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s becoming clear that oxygen and oxygen cylinders are worth their weight in gold.

With their fourth air shipment of medical assistance, the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Doha has donated 85 medical oxygen cylinders to the Sri Lankan health sector.

The cylinders, delivered to the Foreign Ministry of Sri Lanka are expected to be distributed among the Government hospitals in order to help those still in critical condition.

The aid was received following an urgent request by H.E. M. Mafaz Mohideen, the Ambassador of Sri Lanka to the State of Qatar regarding the situation in the country.

Support was provided to Sri Lankan citizens by over 20 Sri Lankan associations based in Doha, in addition to others such as LULU Group and Watad Group of Qatar.

In total, the embassy was able to donate 360 oxygen cylinders, 22 pulse oximeters, and 10 oxygen regulators to the Sri Lankan health sector.

A statement from the embassy expressed the thanks and sincere appreciation to all of the donors who contributed to help the Sri Lankans in their hour of need. Additional thanks was given to Sri Lankan Airlines who airlifted the cargo, as well as Foreign Ministry Sri Lanka and Ministry of Health, Sri Lanka for their support.