SSB Cryogenic Equipment has signed an agreement to supply LNG via ISO tanks to support Petrolife Aero’s regasification operation in Malaysia.

The Singapore-based turnkey service provider and EPC company signed a three-month Proof of Concept agreement with Petrolife, an independent trader and licensed importer of LNG to Malaysia, on 25th September (2019).

The agreement has additional options for expansion to scale-able deployment and continual supply of LNG.

The trial is tied to an increase in energy consumption in Malaysia, with natural gas being recognised as an important bridge in the transition to a clean and sustainable environment.

The scope of work includes the supply, logistical management and transportation of the first 90 loads of LNG via ISO tanks within three months.

SSB’s ISO tanks, manufactured by Chart Ferox, will be shipped from Singapore via sea route to Port Klang.

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Source: SSB Cryogenic Equipment

The first load of LNG was filled on 16th October for sailing on 18th October (2019). As part of the collaboration, SSB will provide on-site support and transfer know-how to Petrolife’s technical personnel on the handling and operation aspect of LNG in accordance with the proposed TR guideline.

“This is a significant step toward expanding our small-scale LNG supply chain solutions and it’s in accordance with our vision to provide bunkering, distribution and transportation of LNG in small-scale aspect to locations with limited access of energy sources,” said Peh Lam Hoh, Managing Director of SSB Cryogenic Equipment.

“This operation reinforces our capabilities and position in the small-scale LNG supply chain market as we align with the Singapore government’s efforts in cultivating a natural gas market in Southeast Asia.”

“It will not be made possible without the support from Pro-Enterprise Panel (PEP) and Enterprise Singapore (ESG).”

Datuk Mohd Aqliff Shane, Managing Director of Petrolife, said, “We are focusing on downstream natural gas supply activities for the domestic market by providing a virtual pipeline system to deliver and transport natural gas to places where there are no pipeline networks available.”

“On arrival at its destination, the LNG will be transferred to a regasification unit, to be made ready for use as if it were from a physical pipeline.”

“With this proof of concept, Petrolife will become the pioneer in small-scale LNG distribution in Malaysia and is ready for making natural gas available to energy users and ensuring a cleaner environment for future generations.”