SST Sensing is a part of the UK industry-wide effort to manufacture and deliver breathing aids for the NHS to support the country’s fight against Covid-19.

SST is supporting Oxford Optronix with the oxygen sensor for the Flo-Ox™ oxygen monitor, a system developed in collaboration with industry and academia in just five days.

The CPAP breathing aid (Ventura) and accompanying oxygen monitor (Flo-Ox™) have been developed between industry, universities and the NHS – namely Mercedes-AMG High Performance Powertrains (HPP), UCL, UCLH and Oxford Optronix.

SST’s Technical Director Paddy Shannon explained more about the company’s role in the project, “Our involvement began early on the morning of Monday 23rd March with a call from Oxford Optronix’s CEO Andy Obeid for support in supplying oxygen sensors to them for their Flo-Ox™ – a bedside monitoring system that continuously monitors the oxygen concentration being delivered to patients.”

“Andy has worked with SST in the past and knows of our responsiveness to customers and technical lead in the oxygen sensor market.”

“Immediately after the technical sales team had discussed the application, SST’s operations team calculated what we could deliver and in what timeframe, and our engineering team contacted the customer to discuss the details of integrating our sensor; handling the gas stream and the electronics design.”

“By late Monday afternoon, 10 samples of sensors and electronics boards had been built, tested, packed and despatched on a next day service.”

“The samples were received on Tuesday morning and testing started immediately. Over the next few days, design teams at SST and Oxford Optronix held conference calls and technical discussions to assist Oxford Optronix with quick delivery of a first batch of prototype devices available for patient trials in only five days.”

SST said the epidemic is hitting every aspect of its business and personal lives, but the company continues to support the drive for increased medical devices in the UK and worldwide.