Air Products\\$quot; has opened its first hydrogen fuelling station in the US state of Pennsylvania.

The station, which is located in Pennsylvania's University Park campus, produces hydrogen on site from natural gas. Here researchers are developing a mixed vehicle fleet, including two cars, a bus and vans, to demonstrate the potential of hydrogen gas as a fuel.

The Air Products hydrogen fuelling station offers the option of 30 per cent hydrogen-natural gas mixtures or pure hydrogen.

Dr. Joel Anstrom, director of Penn State\\$quot;s Hybrid and Hydrogen Vehicle Research Center (HHVRC) told that: "We're evaluating multiple vehicle technologies as well as testing the hydrogen fuelling infrastructure in a real world environment, under real world loads."

He told the news site that by the end of the summer, he and his partners expect to have a transit bus and a university maintenance van operating on a blend of hydrogen and natural gas along with a fuel cell car operating on pure hydrogen.

Residents will be able to ride the bus and observe the van and car, which will all be marked for identification.